FOSHAN PERFECT TECH provides the ultimate solution for your tape requirements.
Our products are being sold over 150 countries, such as America Russia, Japan, Austria, parts of Europe, Africa, South America, and the Middle East.

FOSHAN  PERFECT TECH ENTERPRISE CO., LTD, established in 1999, located at Fanhu Industrial Development District, Foshan City, 230 km away from Hong Kong. We have 200 employees, with most being researchers and professionals. With advanced data controlled coating lines and leading technology such as instant infrared thickness detecting equipment, we reach an annual coating capacity of 380,000,000 m2, and revenue of 30 million USD, and a monthly ship of 55*40hq worldwide. We consistantly follow through with our core value: “Trade with Integrity, Act with Morality”. As a leading player in the tape industry. Our brand’s “PERFECTAPE” and “PROMAXCO” are known worldwide thanks to our loyal customers and our continuous improvement in quality. 
Our Main Product Series include Packing Tape, Stationery Tape, Invisible Tape, Double Sided Tape, Masking Tape, Duct Tape, PVC Electrical Tape, Aluminium Tape, Security tape, Tape dispensers and more. All to SGS standard. We can offer custom-designed service to meet your special specifications. The most outstanding product of our company is the crystal clear tape, a leading type in the industry. 
Our Quality Control System
We implement ISO 9001-2008 International quality system and ISO14001:2004 Environment qualification system, and we have had UL, CE, ROHS, etc SGS issued certificates. High-level standardized labs carry out raw materials test such as initial tack,  tensile strength and holding power. While auto infrared thickness monitoring is used for jumbo rolls thickness control during the production process. We have a manual gauge test after completion, random sample QC test during the production process, and final visual inspection before packing.
By offering high-quality products at a competitive price,  Our team with rich experience and professional knowledge will always continue to develop ingenious stick solutions to satisfy your various needs in an ever-changing market.
We have a brilliant future
Challenges inspire our creativity, and Innovations extract our potential. PERFECT TAPE will provide ultimate solutions for your tape requirements.
With our sustainable development concept, quality, brand awareness, mutual benefit, and win-win strategies, we can PERFECT our lives together.

Office Address:Rm2503,No.1,HongDing building(One View)#561-571,Yun Cheng Dong Road,BaiYun district,GuangZhou,GuangDong,China.
Factory Address:(F4),No.G2-3,Fanhu Zone South B Area,(F1)(F3),No.F7-3,Fanhu North Area,(F1),No.F7-2,Fanhu  Zone North Area,Sanshui Center Technology Industrial
 Zone, Foshan,GuangDong,China.