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Security Tape


Descrition :
It is made with the most advanced anti-counterfeit technology in the world,which involves very complicated manufacturing process and makes 100% anti-counterfeiting possible.Preset pattern or hidden message or color-charge anti-counterfeiting will show up when tape is peeled or attempts are made at removing it with heat or cold.Available in variety of widths,lengths, colors and private design.

Feature :

  • Temper evident,self-wound,self-voiding.
  • Warning message printing
  • Invisible hidden warning message
  • Non-recoverable permanent sealing
  • Identified easily
  • One time use,anti-juggle,anti-deny
  • Special message/graphics available
  • Writable,processable,anti-fake and quality stability

  • Prevent labels and stickers from being reused.
  • Prevent packagees or boxes from being opened,replaced or stolen.
  • Prevent documents,letters or parcels from unauthorized opening or reading.
  • Improve product image and raise customer's confidence on products
  • For Education,Bank,Customer & Finance Department.
  • For quality warranty.

Thickness(mm) Backing Adhesion Type Release Liner Width Standard Length Standard Peeling Strength (N/In) Persistent Adhesion (N/In.)
0.05 PET (25mic) Acrylic 80mic glassine release paper/PET 30mm 48mm 10m-100m 1.12N N/A