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General Purpose Masking Tape

General purpose grade masking tape is made of crepe paper which is coated with rubber adhesive, Widely used for holding,bundling,sealing and non-critical masking application.Professional grade masking tape is used in medium temperature for painting  & spraying cars,trucks during paint repair.Available in variety of width ,length to match your special requirement.

Feasure :

  • Printable
  • Strong holding power
  • Writable as pad paper
  • No adhesive residue
  • Good retractation
  • Smooth trimmed edges
  • .Sealing of joints between windows, doorframes and walls
  • .Masking of surfaces during spraying, painting, lacquering and plastering 
  • .Masking of auto body components during auto painting
  • .Sealing of lightweight cartons and small boxes
  • .Protection to metal, plastic or glass surfaces against scratching
  • .Flower bundling
 Thickness(mm) Temperature Resistance(℃)        Backing Adhesion Type Width Standard Length Standard Adhesion To Steel(N/In) Tensile Strength (N/In)
0.125 60 Creped paper rubber 12mm 18mm 24mm 36mm 48mm 60mm 72mm 20m-50m >7.5N 80N
0.135 80 >7.5N 85N